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For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them. ~Matthew 18:20

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Widow & her family "NEED" "DAILY" prayers [ ==> Matt 6:9-13 <== Isa 1:18 ] to The Almighty God through His only begotten Son, The King of Kings and LORD of LORDS, The Word of God, please.
noelene joyrout Pray for this

Pray that I can walk again pain through out my body hip and thigh Danita wells

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My older son deshawn wells is unruly disrespectful to me my parents and his brother plus I am in need of toiletries any schools supplies for my son Tyler wells he is 8 years old plates silver ware bowls a toaster maybe I am under
DanitaWells Pray for this

Successful Surgery

Prayed for 1 times
Please add me to the prayer request list as I will be having surgery on Thursday, Oct 25th, for prostate cancer.
JamesRichardson Pray for this

For all thoes affected by suicide

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For all those who live with suicidal desperation or who have family members in the midst of this dark night. May God's light be a beacon of hope for a second day.
KevinLowry Pray for this

Judy Bourne

Prayed for 6 times
Dementia complications after fall
JudyBourne Pray for this

Elizabeth Mierke

Prayed for 4 times
Diagnosed with Cancer
ElizabethMierke Pray for this

Greg Madison

Prayed for 4 times
Traumatic brain injury - long term care
GregMadison Pray for this

Sue Salvator

Prayed for 5 times
Lung cancer
SueSalvator Pray for this

Louise Wolfcale

Prayed for 4 times
Hospitalized with respiratory issues
LouiseWolfcale Pray for this

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