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For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them. ~Matthew 18:20

Requested Prayers

My oldest son, Deshawn …, that he turns his life around

Prayed for 1 times
Plus i need food and toiletries clothes for my 9 year old son ...
Danita.... Pray for this

Help getting food for my family

Prayed for 1 times
I Jemeyka have a family of 7 .....3 Boys n 4 girls..we need something to eat so we are reaching out to different churches for Help....
Jemeyka.... Pray for this


Prayed for 1 times
My oldest daughter is 12 she is autistic, has adhd and odd she is torn between me and her grandma because her grandma doesn't approve of my lifestyle which is dividing us. I ask for prayer for unity love respect and acceptance
StephanieHendking Pray for this

My family my 7 children to receive a stove and refrigerator for we are in great need

Prayed for 1 times
Please Lord hear this prayer....
Jemeyka.... Pray for this

Salvation / Deliverance

Prayed for 1 times
Friend of mine, Katherine, is grew up in Christian family, but going through life lost her believes and become an atheist. Please, pray so that she would be delivered from false empty teaching that brings nowhere. May God intervene and shine a light on her, as He is forgiving and merciful. May she find a new path that leads to life with God. Thank you for your prayers!
Jenna.... Pray for this


Prayed for 2 times
Please pray as I am currently seeking treatment at Seidman Cancer hospital right across the street. Your church building is an inspiration for me and I hope to walk in the door sometime, even if it’s during the week for prayer. I miss attending serving on my worship team and corporate worship in my Akron church. often I am isolated on the third floor for my treatments. Please pray for my complete healing from leukemia. I am a believer of God‘s ultimate healing and my Savior the Lord Jesus Christ power to heal. Believing He will heal me from this disease. God is bigger than cancer ! Matthew 21: 22 thank you ,,,As I welcome all the prayers that I can get ! Pray too for all patients on floor 3 & 4 with similar blood related cancers!!!
BonnieBaughman Pray for this


Prayed for 1 times
For Gods healing power for my son Timmy that he can beat this cancer and regain his strength to fulfill Gods purpose here in this earth. We pray to the Lord. Hear our prayer.
DoreenTusick Pray for this


Prayed for 1 times
Please pray my brother David currently in UH Seidman overcomes his Leukemia and is able to live a long healthy life.
SusanBaldan Pray for this

Prayers Needed!

Prayed for 1 times
Widow & her family "NEED" "DAILY" prayers [ ==> Matt 6:9-13 <== Isa 1:18 ] to The Almighty God through His only begotten Son, The King of Kings and LORD of LORDS, The Word of God, please.
noelene joyrout Pray for this

Pray that I can walk again pain through out my body hip and thigh Danita wells

Prayed for 1 times
My older son deshawn wells is unruly disrespectful to me my parents and his brother plus I am in need of toiletries any schools supplies for my son Tyler wells he is 8 years old plates silver ware bowls a toaster maybe I am under
DanitaWells Pray for this

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