Say it in Whispers

The way the Gospel writers tell it…Jesus came back from death not in a blaze of glory, but more like a candle flame in the dark, flickering first in this place, then in that place, then in no place at all. If they had been making the whole thing up for the purpose of converting the world, presumably they would have described it more the way the book of Revelation describes how he will come back again at the end of time with “the armies of heaven arrayed in fine linen, white and pure” and his eyes “like a flame of fire, and on his head many diadems” (19:14, 12).
But that is not the way the Gospels tell it. They are not trying to describe it as convincingly as they can. They are trying to describe it as truthfully as they can. It was the most extraordinary thing they believed had ever happened, and yet they tell it so quietly that you have to lean close to be sure what they are telling. They tell it as softly as a secret, as something so precious, and holy, and fragile, and unbelievable, and true, that to tell it any other way would be somehow to dishonor it. To proclaim the resurrection the way they do, you would have to say it in whispers: “Christ has risen.” Like that.

~Frederick Buechner

This Holy Week, may you take time to sit in the darkness, to confront the brokenness in the world and the brokenness in yourself. May you acknowledge the power of death and sin and then listen closely for the first Easter whispers telling the precious truth that the divinely-created flame of life and love did not, will not, and cannot be extinguished.

~Amy Starr Redwine

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